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Swasteek Resort is located in the beautiful mountains of Pauri Garhwal, resort has a refreshingly unique view of the Great Himalayan range with snow capped mountains on the front & exuberant green forest valley on the other side makes a perfect place for your soul & mind to rejuvenate. We offer you nature's best scenery along with a warm welcome from our staff. We at Swasteek Resort conduct training & grooming sessions for our staff on a monthly basis to ensure they live up to your expectations. We also conduct a short survey about your experience at the resort to map our performance.

Adventure, Peace, Yoga or Meditation you ask and we have it all under one roof. We provide you with wide range of packages as per your needs. We also expertise in organizing events like marriages, unconventional meetings & conferences, office retreat with team building activities, yoga & meditation retreats and much more.

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Namaste! Thanks for stopping by, I am Uttam Singh Lingwal Owner & Director Swasteek Resort, husband to Shaily Lingwal & father of Swasteek Singh Lingwal. Born and Brought up in Mumbai, spent by childhood in IIT Bombay campus with my father Late Mr Chiranjilal Lingwal (Ex Indian Army & Land lord Swasteek Resort), mother Mrs. Deveshwari Devi & siblings Ms Lalitadevi Gosain & Mr Preetam Singh Lingwal (Founder trustee Shiva DMD & Owner Gayatri organics).

After completing services with Indian Army my father started working with security department in IIT Bombay & mother was house wife & one of the first entrepreneurs I observed, to think of why me & my brother are entrepreneurs ourselves is we inherited mother's qualities. I did my schooling from KVIIT & went on to do my graduation in commerce from Tolani College of Commerce (Andheri). I always thought I will do a 9 to 6 job post graduation & as planned I started working in accounts department. I went on to get placed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Airlines Catering where I spent 5 years and then joined Gulf Catering & Skylink U.S.A (Air & Logistics) posted in Iraq where I spent 3 years out of which first 2 years were like 2 decade. Living in the US army camp under the threat of getting bombed everyday was nothing less than hell of an experience. This is where I realized what I will be doing next and where I want to be in future.

Like all young Indians I also dreamt & earned dollars but still I had a feeling something was missing. I have always read, money won't buy you happiness and was starting to realize the same living in the war zone. So I decided to give farewell to my friends from US & Iraq and returned to my mother land. Back in Mumbai I had 2 choices, taking up a 9 to 6 job or set up my own business to spend rest of my life happily. But I knew this will not serve the purpose, I will still be missing that certain element in my life which made me leave behind a lavish life & Dollars in Iraq.

In search of my next dream venture I spent a whole year with no luck, the search ended when I was on a family friend trip to my native in Uttarakahand. I reached my village Thamana in Pauri & what I saw was something I always mesmerized, the freshness in the air and the scenic beauty took my heart away.

I reached a certain hill top from where I encountered the ultimate "art of God" a panoramic view of the celestial Himalayan mountains, the scene of the snow capped mountains took me into a different trance & the ambiance helped me forget all the worries & tension. I realized what was missing; it was the "Peace of Mind". For the next 6 months I spent exploring rest of Pauri & Uttarakhand to visualize my next venture, which I call now "Swasteek Resort".

I was in the phase of naming my resort & I came across a fact about Swastik symbol. "The swastik (卐) is an equilateral cross with four arms bent at 90 degrees. The word "swastik" comes from the Sanskrit swastik - "su" meaning "good" or "auspicious," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix. The swastik literally means "to be good". Or another translation can be made: "swa" is "higher self", "asti" meaning "being", and "ka" as a suffix, so the translation can be interpreted as "being with higher self"."

This is when I decided to name the Resort "Swasteek". So when my guests come to Swasteek Resorts I will help them "to be good" & discover their new "higher self"!

I am sure a migrant staying in Mumbai will understand my reason. All of us staying away from your ancestor soil working hard to make a living dream to do something for his/her soil, this was one of the reasons & the second reason was the land was still raw & untouched by the current world. Someone like me who stayed in a state of unrest for so long got cured by the scenic beauty so I was sure this land can cure several others who are in search of peace & rejuvenation.

When I see the current state I see a very few hotels/resorts around Pauri providing quality services, hence I decided to start a project which will give best in class quality service with justified tariff.

One of the most magnificent features of leisure in Swasteek Resort is the mythic sight of Sunrise and Sunset that we always mesmerized in our hectic busy schedules. Front view of the resort meditates a 360 degree panoramic view of great Himalayan peaks standing tall and strong protecting us for thousands of years. At night you'll be hypnotized gazing at the million stars studded in the sky which simply takes your heart away.

Best way to DE-stress from a hectic metro life is coming close to mother nature and meditates under clear sky filling your body & soul with fresh air & positivity. Keeping this in mind we at Swasteek Resort plan your stay with activities which will help you rejuvenate & discover new self. Nature Walk; Local Jungle Trek; Bird Watching & Star Gazing are special attraction for all our guests.

Organic! is the secret to our kitchen, we plant most of the vegetables in-house & other food supplies are handpicked for us by our operations team at Gayatri Organics to give you organic and healthy meal every day. We have a long range of menu & we specialize in Local Garhwali cuisine; Indian; Tandoor; Chinese & continental.

We also set up barbeque parties, as said in Australia you can have a "bash by the barbie!"

It's same like asking, what is the best time to live! We all have our own likes and preferences, if I have to give my perspective me & my son love cold temperature so when its snow during January & February we both love snowball throwing & making snowman. During rainy season we get to see the full potential of mother nature, the entire surrounding is lush green with pleasant weather, me & my wife love sitting on the porch & gaze at the beautiful terrace farms across the valley. I am always left with a smile on my face when my son looks at the fog on the mountains & tells me "papa we have come beyond the sky's I can see the clouds below us."

My mother visits us during summers as she don't like the summers in Mumbai. The weather at Swasteek Resort is pleasant during summers. The temperature stays between 24 degrees during the day & goes down upto 12 degrees during the night. It will be best to spend your summer vacations at Swasteek Resort if you want to beat the heat. Season is ON all year round, but during rainy season the roads get a little ruff as you can expect it to be on hilly region. So if you are the adventurous & nature loving person you will have amazing time during monsoon & for rest of you, you can plan anytime except during monsoons & I promise you that you will still get to live the adventure & thrill at white water rafting at the Ganges or enjoy the peaceful ambiance surrounded by lush green forest filled with fresh air at the resort.

When you are at Swasteek Resort you have a lot of places to explore, all the places have their own historical significance & stories linked to them. If you have a liking towards history & mythological significance we also help you hire historians who will help you fill your desire of knowledge.

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